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About us

First formed in 2006, the Export Compliance Working Group (ECWG) is comprised of a group of companies that are members of the American Chamber of Commerce in China and the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai dedicated to promoting commercial high-tech trade between the US and China. 


In this aim, the ECWG also works to improve the export compliance environment through the sharing of best practices and demonstration of success stories that have resulted from compliance. 


Through regular high-level engagement with both the US and Chinese governments, the ECWG is able to communicate first-hand market information as well as any challenges or common issues companies are facing from the compliance perspective, as well as influence export control policy and licensing decisions. 



  • Provide timely information and collaborate with the US government to help refine export control policy.
  • Educate the US-China high-tech trade community on trade issues, compliance and regulations.
  • Promote collaboration and participation of the Chinese government by providing industry perspectives on US and Chinese export controls.
  • Work towards efficient and user friendly export control processes in the US and China.



  • Promote government-industry cooperation by working with officials of both governments to address export control concerns and develop positive programs to increase high-tech trade.
  • Provide the latest in-country market information through comprehensive industry sector reports on the Chinese market to US decision makers.
  • Communicate with both US and Chinese companies, their customers in China and the Chinese government to ensure a clear understanding of US export controls.
  • Serve as a resource center for members on US and Chinese export controls and compliance issues.
  • Engage the Chinese government to discuss adoption of international export control best practices.