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Agencies 机构

MOFCOM in 2014 reorganized the departments that handle export control into a single bureau. The new bureau is called “Bureau of Industry Security and Import & Export Control”. The new Director General of this bureau will be Madame Gu Chun Fang. The bureau will have six divisions, four of which will focus on export controls. The six divisions, along with the director of the four export control divisions, are listed below:


i. Policy and Regulations, Director: Mr. Sun Jian

ii. Security Inspection/Review, Director: Mr. Jiang Qianliang

iii. Export Control Licensing, Director: Mr. Zong Peiji

iv. Investigation and Enforcement, Director: Yang Hanhui

v. Administration

vi. Industry Competition (mostly focused on WTO issues)


Information on this Bureau will be updated as they become available.