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Mission 使命声明

China Export Liaison Subgroup Mission :

  1. Provide timely information and periodic training to AmCham and ECWG on China export control policy changes, progress, and issues.   
  2. Establish a collaborative relationship with Chinese government agencies to gain a better understanding of China’s export control policy and process (such as use of control list, licensing process, enforcement system) and to disseminate the knowledge gained to fellow ECWG member companies.  
  3. Build up constructive engagement with the Chinese government agencies and to encourage them in the participation of international best practices for the refinement of China’s export control policy and for working towards an export control process and system that can be more effective, efficient and user-friendly. 


中国出口管制联络组使命声明 :

  1. 为美商会和 ECWG提供中国出口控制及时的政策更新和定期培训。
  2. 建立与中国政府部门的合作关系,增进对中国出口控制政策和流程更好的理解,包括如何使用控制清单、许可证流程、执法体制,以及向 ECWG会员公司传播所获得的知识。
  3. 与中国政府部门建立有建设性的对话机制,建议中国政府部门为了完善中国出口控制政策参与国际最优合规方案的展示和探讨,以期在中国建立一个更有效,更高效和友好用户界面的出口控制流程和系统。