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The ECWG works to provide precise and up to date information to the US government on the technology levels in a number of Chinese industry sectors. This information is provided in the form of reports, which are delivered to the various export control officials in the US government. Click here for a listing of all the reports the ECWG has completed to date, including a description of the report and the date the report was completed.


The ECWG has made great contributions to US-China bilateral trade, both through the in-depth ECWG market research reports and outreach to both governments. The work of the ECWG has:

  • Been used by the US government as the basis for its own reviews of foreign availability of products and technologies;
  • Led to the removal and narrowing of additional controls on US exports that would result in greater negative than positive national security outcomes;
  • Been cited in BIS foreign availability studies; and
  • Increased export license approvals for US products and technology to civil and transparent end-users in China. 

US government officials have praised and recognized the efforts of the ECWG, citing that:

  • Reports by the ECWG are “not only desirable, but needed” – former US Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security, Mario Mancuso
  • The ECWG is “a model for industry-government cooperation” – former US Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration, Christopher Padilla 

Every year a delegation of ECWG member companies conducts an outreach in Washington DC with all U.S. government offices involved in U.S. export control policy and U.S.-China trade. In each meeting, the delegation provided an overview of the ECWG’s mission and goals, past and current projects, and ECWG’s plans going forward. Click here for a summary of the recent DC outreach visits conducted by the ECWG.


The ECWG also contributes to AmCham’s annual American Business in China White Paper by writing a chapter on ‘High Tech Trade Promotion and Export Controls’. Click here for an overview of recent chapters written by the ECWG for AmCham’s White Paper.