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The ECWG understands that Chinese companies have an invested interest in export controls, particularly when sourcing products and items from the United States. Greater cooperation between Chinese companies and ECWG member companies would be mutually beneficial for both groups with the ultimate aim being an increase in commercial high-tech trade. The ECWG, therefore, has agreed to allow Chinese companies to participate in ECWG activities through a subscriber program. For a nominal fee, Chinese companies will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of inter-member meetings, training programs, and high-level interactions with both US and Chinese government officials. 


Companies can point to recent successes in the form of increases in license approvals and reductions in license regulations as a direct result of past ECWG reports and engagement with the US government. As subscribers to the ECWG, Chinese companies would be able to be part of this process. Firstly, businesses would have additional opportunities to have their voices heard through face-to-face discussions with the US government. Meanwhile, involvement in select ECWG member meetings and training and development courses would provide Chinese companies with critical knowledge of US and Chinese export controls and the understanding that compliance can lead to expanded US exports to China.


The ECWG subscriber program aims to increase cooperation and collaboration between the ECWG’s member companies and Chinese companies that are affected by export controls and whose businesses deal with compliance issues. In addition to increased interaction with US government officials, subscribers would enjoy the benefits of participating in many other activities as well as public recognition at events for their efforts to improve the compliance environment. Sharing information and expressing concerns will result in greater clarity and understanding of the underlying compliance issues. ECWG members and subscribers will be able to better articulate these concerns and propose solution to both the US and Chinese government. Within this framework, the ECWG hopes to foster a mutually beneficial environment to increase bilateral commercial high-tech trade.


Subscription details

Costs: 22,000 RMB per year


What’s provided: 

- Three tickets to ECWG development and training courses; 
- Two tickets to two ECWG government outreach events; 
- Invitation to join ECWG member meetings twice per year (in person or by 
teleconference) to discuss trade control issues of joint concern;
- Access to ECWG report on annual Washington DC outreach.